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wickedmess: @crackstaff Sorry, but we had lots of 'mixed' school bus trips. That's not the problem. On the bright side, no one was boinking a pig. ;-P →

wickedmess: 'On the bright side, no one was boinking a pig.' #wordsihopetoneverwriteagain →

wickedmess: I just used the 'word' tablescape. Correctly. In a conversation. *just shoot me* →

wickedmess: @crackstaff Only 8am & you've completely blown my freak meter for the day. Hell, it may have been overloaded for life. →

'It's vulgar. It looks like Super Hero porn.' →

The Swagger Wagon →

wickedmess: Ever notice that the biggest liars always have the highest opinions of themselves? They think they're so clever & everyone else is an idiot. →

wickedmess: RT @JetBlueCheeps: Our 10th anniversary continues! All remaining seats for JetBlue flights on 5/11 and 5/12 are on sale right now! http: ... →

I got nothin' →

Apparently I'm busy →

wickedmess: Seriously, I need to either pluck my eyebrows more or hire a personal trainer for them. →

wickedmess: I don't know what I'm so worried about. It's not like my eyebrows can stab you or anything. Or can they? Dum dum dum! →

wickedmess: RT @emzanotti: Tasted my first Bloody Mary. I know where my servings of vegetables will be coming from from now on. →

wickedmess: RT @BreakingNews: 7.4-magnitude earthquake strikes Northern Sumatra, Indonesia; tsunami warning issued →

wickedmess: Had a photo of Real Me on here for about 20 seconds until i decided that I have really angry eyebrows. Really. Angry. WTF? →